Saving energy means saving your business money

That's why Entergy Arkansas' Point of Purchase Solutions Program helps you make your business more energy efficient.

If you have any of the problems below, Entergy Arkansas can help.

  • High energy bills.
  • Inefficient or poor interior/exterior lighting quality.
  • Limited budget for upgrades.
  • Inefficient motor that only runs at a constant speed or is mechanically controlled.

You can save instantly on your efficient products purchases at participating distributor locations, while funding lasts.  Participation is easy- just download and sign the participation agreement and take it to a participating distributor. As long as your purchase qualifies, you'll be awarded an instant discount on your purchase. So you'll have more money in your pocket to run your business.

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Program Incentives & Savings

Incentives are for example purposes; actual incentive may change due to market or program conditions.

Lighting incentives (per unit)

ENERGY STAR/DLC approved lamps
Category Lumen ranges Incentive amount
Minimum Maximum
DOWNLIGHT 500 4500 $6.00
LED Linear Lamp, 2 ft 800 2000 $2.00
LED Linear Lamp, 4 ft 1500 3199 $2.00
LED Linear Lamp, 8 ft 3100 5199 $6.00
LED T5 3200 6000 $3.00
ENERGY STAR/DLC approved fixtures
Category Lumen ranges Incentive amount
Minimum Maximum
Troffer/Linear Ambient, 1500-3499 1500 3499 $10.00
Troffer/Linear Ambient, 3500-5999 3500 5999 $20.00
Troffer/Linear Ambient, >6000 6000 10000 $25.00
Lowbay LED Fixtures Small1 3000 7499 $35.00
Lowbay LED Fixtures Large1 7500 11999 $45.00
Highbay LED Fixtures Small1 12000 24999 $55.00
Highbay LED Fixtures Large1 25000 60000 $75.00
LED Exterior, 1000-49992 1000 4999 $20.00
LED Exterior, 5000-89992 5000 8999 $55.00
LED Exterior, 9000-199992 9000 19999 $65.00
LED Exterior, 20000-549992 20000 54999 $115.00
LED Garage, 2000-54993 2000 5499 $20.00
LED Garage, 5500-74993 5500 7499 $75.00
LED Garage, 7500-120003 7500 12000 $85.00
1Lowbay and Highbay LED Fixtures - includes DLC-approved Lowbay/Highbay Luminaires, Retrofit Kits, and *HID Replacement Lamps (approved for those applications):
2Troffer/Linear Ambient - includes DLC-approved Troffer luminaires, Integrated Retrofit Kits, and linear-style retrofit kits

3LED Exterior - includes the following DLC-approved outdoor luminaires, retrofit kits, and *HID replacement lamps (approved for those applications):

  • Outdoor Pole/Arm-Mounted Area and Roadway Luminaires
  • Outdoor Pole/Arm-Mounted Decorative Luminaires
  • Outdoor Full-Cutoff Wall-Mounted Area Luminaires
  • Outdoor Non-Cutoff and Semi-Cutoff Wall-Mounted Area Luminaires
  • Fuel Pump Canopy Luminaires
  • Landscape/Accent Flood and Spot Luminaires
  • Architectural Flood and Spot Luminaires

*HID Replacement Lamps Requirements for Mogul Screw-Base Replacements for HID lamps             


  • Products with E26 or other base types that are sold with an E39 adapter are not eligible
  • Products that incorporate EX39 bases are eligible
  • Products which are specifically manufactured with an E39 base are eligible
Variable frequency drives
Category Horsepower Incentive amount 
(per HP)
Minimum Maximum
Variable Frequency Drive 0 50 $35.00

VFD does not qualify for the incentive on the Commercial Midstream Program if:

  • it is soft start only
  • it is a supply air fan on stand alone HVAC system
  • it is replacing another VFD
  • it is being used in any residential application

Click here for a list of participating distributors.


Qualifying electric hand dryers use air movement and motion sensors to dry instead of heat.

Incentive Amount per unit: $100

Hand dryers will not qualify for Program incentives if:

  • it is replacing an efficient hand dryer
  • it is being used in new construction applications
  • it is being used in any residential application

Click here for a list of participating distributors.


Qualifying air compressors are 75hp or less, load/no load with controls, variable displacement with controls, or variable speed drive. Single compressor systems only.

Incentive Amount per unit: $60 per hp

Air compressors will not qualify for Program incentives if they are being used in a residential application.

Click here for a list of participating distributors.

Who is eligible?

Any current Entergy Arkansas commercial customer is eligible.

What are some potential upgrades?

Entergy Arkansas offers its eligible commercial customers instant discounts on interior and exterior lighting in the approved categories listed above and Variable Frequency Drives up to 50hp in size. See "Program Incentives & Savings" above.

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