Cash incentives that save your business money

Entergy Arkansas offers a range of support specifically tailored to make your facilities more energy-efficient and help you save money.

Saving energy means saving money. That's why Entergy Arkansas' Large Commercial & Industrial Program helps you make your business more energy-efficient. If you have any of the problems below, this program is for you.

  • High energy bills.
  • Poor lighting.
  • Limited control of lighting and HVAC.
  • Inadequate HVAC/chiller performance.
  • Air compressors with significant air leaks.
  • Excessive or inefficient energy use in an industrial process.

Entergy offers cash incentives when you complete certain projects that make your business more energy-efficient. Additional benefits include an improved cash flow from significant, long-term electricity savings, as well as an improved "green" image of your business. Entergy will also help you develop an energy savings plan tailored to your buildings, and will even build energy efficiencies and savings into your work process. That way, you can focus less on energy costs and more on profitable gains.


Large C&I


1 measure


2 measures


3 measures


4+ measures



PC Power Management:






Gaskets and Strip


Paid per LF (or SF) of damaged gasket/strip

(contact program staff)


All other measures:





Up to 100%

*** Measures must be 30k kWh each for tier credit.

*** Measure credits for tiers are only retroactive to January of the previous program year.

*** Program Direct Install measures will count as only one tier, even if different end uses exist.

*** Excess incentives can be leveraged against other projects (up to the cap) and can carry forward to the end of the following year.

*** Retroactive incentives can be leveraged against other projects (up to the cap) back to January of the previous year.

*** Please see the CoolSaver Trade Ally Manual for incentive details on this measure.  

Eligible Measure Categories for Tier Credits:

  • Lighting and On/Off Controls (Interior, Exterior, Specialty Lighting).
  • Advanced Lighting Controls (Multi-step Controls, Dimming, Task Scheduled Controls, etc.).
  • Comfort Cooling HVAC/Chiller Replacement.
  • CoolSaver Air Conditioner Tune-up.
  • Chiller Tune-up.
  • Retrofit VFD Drives for Air Handler Fans.
  • Commercial Wi-Fi Thermostats
  • Building Automation Controls and Retro-Commissioning.
  • Retro-Commissioning Lite (RCx Lite).
  • Motor Replacement (including DC/AC Conversion and EC Motors).
  • Motor Drive or VFD Upgrades.
  • Computer Power Management (PCPM, Server Virtualization, Server Consolidation, Data Center UPS Upgrades).
  • Commercial Refrigeration Upgrades (G/SC, ASHC, Zero Energy Doors, Night Covers, Open Cases to Solid Doors).
  • Direct Install (Aerators, PRSV, Showerheads, LEDs, Weather Stripping).
  • Compressed Air Upgrades (Leak Fixes, Demand Side, Supply Side, Air Treatment, Storage, Distribution, VFD Driven Compressors, etc.).
  • Industrial Controls and/or Compressed Air System Controls (Installation or Modification of Process or Compressor Controls).
  • Industrial Pump/Fan Upgrades.
  • Injection Molding System Upgrades (Heater Barrel upgrades, Heater Band Replacement, Heater Barrel Blankets, Injection Machine Cooling, etc.).
  • Industrial Heating (Kilns, Ovens/Heaters, Drying Processes, etc.).
  • Industrial Cooling (Process Chillers, Industrial Refrigeration, etc.).
  • Other Industrial Process Upgrades (Non-Heating/Cooling).
  • Behavioral Savings (Continuous Energy Improvement).
  • All Other Measures (Envelope Measures, Data Center Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle, etc.) that could be Measured and Verified.
This example illustrates a possible scenario that might exist at a reasonably large industrial facility. Simulated existing conditions and sample proposed retrofits are listed with example calculations of energy savings, incentives, and simple payback. The data given below is not necessarily indicative of what you may see at your site, but can be reviewed to understand how the program will operate and the potential value of a "Custom" project at your facility.
Existing Conditions Proposed Retrofits Annual Energy Savings (kWh) Assumed Blended Electrical Rate ($/kWh) Annual Energy Saving ($) Entergy Base Incentive Rate Entergy Bonus Incentive Rate Total Incentive Amount ($) Est. Project Cost ($) Est. Simple Payback (Yrs)
(3) 200 HP air compressors with inefficient throttling control, minimal air storage, and independent staging controls for each compressor based on system pressure Replace the oldest compressor with a new 250 HP variable speed air compressor. Add system air storage and provide a system controller to stage/trim the air compressors based on system pressure 345,781  $0.06  $20,746.86  $0.14  $0.04  $62,240.58  $90,840.00 1.4
(3) 50 HP constant speed motors with on/off control that could be controlled at variable speed while maintaining process integrity Provide (3) variable speed controllers for the motors and verify induction duty capability or place low-speed limitations according to motor manufacturer's specifications 112,500  $0.06  $6,750.00  $0.14  $0.04  $20,250.00  $30,800.00 1.6
(300) 400 watt metal halide fixtures Replace metal halides with (300) LED 125 Watt lamps and add advanced occupancy controls in appropriate areas 498,580  $0.06  $29,914.80  $0.14  $0.04  $89,744.40  $95,000.00 0.2
  TOTALS 956,861    $57,411.66      $172,234.98  $216,640.00 0.8
The approximate annual savings would be 956,861 kWh, resulting in $57,412 in annual utility savings. The cost of this project is $216,640 with an incentive of $172,235. If the facility were to make these upgrades, the net cost to the customer would be $44,405 (incentives cover 80% of project cost), yielding an approximate 0.8 year payback.

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