Get rewarded for helping Entergy be more efficient.

The Summer Advantage Program means cash rewards from Entergy.

During the warmer months, higher temperatures usually mean your air conditioner and our power plants work overtime. That's why the Summer Advantage Program pays you to help Entergy Arkansas reduce its electricity demand during peak hours in the summer.

Here's how it works. Air conditioners require a lot of energy in the summer. But through the Summer Advantage Program, Entergy will install a small device called a Direct Cycling Unit on your air conditioner. During hot summer afternoons when air conditioners are working overtime to keep homes cool, Entergy can activate your DCU and decrease the amount your air conditioner runs during peak energy hours. This helps Entergy lower its operating costs — which helps everyone save. Plus, your enrollment in the Summer Advantage Program means you will earn an annual cash reward based on your participation.

Start saving today.

If you would like to participate or have questions about the program, call our Summer Advantage Experts at 866-224-7812 or click here for more information.