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  • All employees will be monitored for COVID-19 symptoms prior to each shift.
  • Customers will be contacted prior to on-site visits to confirm no one has tested positive or has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within 14 days. Appointments will be rescheduled if necessary.
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  • Face masks will be worn.
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  • Equipment and electronics will be sanitized before and between each visit.

Save energy with easy, no-additional-cost solutions.

From light bulbs to showerheads, the Entergy Arkansas Multifamily Program will install energy-saving products at no additional cost to owners or tenants. 


Energy efficiency upgrades will add value to your property by lowering water and sewer costs, as well as lowering energy costs for both tenants and your property. 

What's offered in this program?

This program is designed to benefit both the property manager/owner and tenants. Duplex, triplex and large complexes are eligible to participate. The Multifamily Homes Program offers installation of cost-effective efficiency measures in tenants' units, as well as for common areas. It also offers energy surveys to inform about other energy-saving program opportunities. Services include: 

Direct Install Measures

The measures below are eligible for installation at no additional cost.

Common Area and Individual Unit Direct Install Measures

LED Bulbs

Most LEDs last 10 times longer and use 75% less energy than traditional bulbs. Entergy will install LEDs high traffic areas of the apartment. That means less time changing light bulbs.

Energy-Efficient Showerheads

Efficient showerheads use 40% less water than standard showerheads. That means less energy used to heat water for showers. Entergy will replace all eligible showerheads in your home with new efficient showerheads if an electric water heater is in use.

Kitchen & Bathroom Faucet Aerators

Entergy will install energy-efficient faucet aerators in your kitchen and bathrooms if an electric water heater is in use. Made of long-lasting materials, the aerators use approximately 31% less water than a standard faucet. That means less energy* used for water heating.

*Savings will vary with efficiency of water heating system, temperature of incoming and outgoing water, and the number of occupants in the home.

Advanced Power Strips


Advanced power strips not only reduce electricity wasted by small entertainment devices; they also prevent power surges from damaging your electronics.

Common Area Only Direct Install Measures

Interior LED Lighting

Efficient LED bulbs will be replaced in interior common areas such lobbies, fitness rooms or laundry facilities.

Exterior LED Lighting

Efficient LED bulbs will be replaced in exterior common areas such office entryways, parking lots, playground areas, breezeways and areas where there is site lighting.

LED Exit Signs

Efficient LED exit signs will be replaced above common area exits.

Occupancy Sensors

Light occupancy sensors will be installed in common areas. These sensors can be set to turn lighting on automatically when motion is detected in the room and will turn off automatically.

Pool Pumps

Efficient VFD / ENERGY STAR® pool pumps will replace existing inefficient pool pumps.

Vending Machine Controls

Refrigerated and non-refrigerated vending machine controls will be installed in common areas.


Discounted Measures

The measures below are eligible for incentives that typically cover the full cost. To find a participating trade ally, click here.

Air Sealing

Reducing the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home is a cost-effective way to cut heating and cooling costs, improve durability, increase comfort and create a healthier indoor environment. Air sealing is available for homes with heating and cooling systems whose envelope is significantly leaky.

Duct Sealing

A duct system that is well-designed and properly sealed can make your home more comfortable, energy efficient and safer. Duct sealing is available for homes with heating and cooling systems whose ductwork is significantly leaky.

Insulation Installation

Adding insulation will help keep the desired temperature in multifamily units year-round, protecting tenants against cold in winter and excess heat in summer. Insulating the ceiling will boost energy efficiency.

*This measure is currently only available to common areas, duplex and triplex properties.

Air Conditioner Tune-Ups

The air conditioning tune-up helps each home's system to run more efficiently and provides better comfort to residents while lowering energy costs. This is achieved by a certified technician performing a thorough cleaning of the entire system and adjusting refrigerant charge as needed.

Window Film 

Window film helps to control temperature and energy costs by reflecting the sun’s rays for more comfortable and affordable multifamily units.

HVAC Replacement

Improve your property’s energy efficiency with a new heating and cooling system. For existing buildings, inefficient non-ENERGY STAR® heat pumps and air conditioning units with electric resistance heat are eligible to be replaced with ENERGY STAR qualified units. Eligible units for replacement include small split systems and single package air conditioners and heat pumps.

Property Energy Assessment

An Entergy Arkansas-qualified field technician will perform an energy survey of your property's common areas at no cost. This will identify ways to improve your property's energy efficiency. At the end of the survey, the technician will provide you with a summary of recommendations.

How does the program work?

The Multifamily Homes Program begins with an energy assessment to determine common area and/or individual unit efficiency. The Property Energy Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your property’s energy usage. Depending on your property’s energy usage and size, you may be eligible for an assessment at no out-of-pocket cost to you. If the assessment identifies ways to save energy on your property, you will be eligible to receive qualifying core measures installed at no additional cost by a trade ally.

Don't wait to start saving.

Contact the Entergy Arkansas Multifamily Program by calling 866-627-9177 or emailing

You can also contact one of our authorized trade allies to see which measures you may qualify to receive. To find authorized trade allies in your area, click here.

Click here to download the Program Manual.

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