Instant incentives. Long-term savings.

Entergy rewards its agribusiness customers for installing energy-efficient measures.

The goal of the Entergy Arkansas Agricultural Energy Solutions Program is to produce long-term electricity cost savings for agribusinesses by installing energy efficiency measures and replacing aging, inefficient equipment.

Eligible businesses have two options for participating in the program.

1. Prescriptive (Lighting)

This option consists of a series of choices with predetermined incentives for a wide selection of common energy-efficient lighting measures, including:

  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • High-performance linear fluorescent replacements.
  • Pulse-start metal halide.
  • Lighting controls, including occupancy sensors.

2. Custom (Energy-efficient Technology)

This option offers incentives for more complex, site-specific and cost-effective opportunities for energy-efficient technologies. Custom projects must be able to show specific and verifiable energy savings and costs. Typical custom measures include:

  • Low-energy livestock waterers.
  • Exhaust fans.
  • Circulation fans.
  • High-volume, low-speed fans.
  • Milk pre-cooler.
  • Variable speed controllers for vacuum pumps.
  • Variable frequency drives.

Start saving today.

Click here to download the complete Program Manual.

Learn more about the Agricultural Energy Solutions Program and how it can benefit your business. Contact program account manager Cody Allen by email or by telephone at 501-435-3010 to get started today!

Please note: An applicant considered a "Free Rider" will be disqualified from program participation. A "Free Rider" is someone who would install an energy efficiency measure without any program incentives or intervention.


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