APSC DOCKET NO. 16-036-fr

Notice of filing

Notice is hereby given that Entergy Arkansas, LLC (EAL or the Company) will file with the Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC or the Commission), on or about July 5, 2024, an Application for Approval of a Rate Adjustment and Evaluation Report pursuant to Rate Schedule No. 44, Formula Rate Plan Rider (Rider FRP). The Company requests an order approving its proposed Rider FRP Revenue Change and Rate Adjustment by December 13, 2024. If the Commission does not issue a final order by such date, the proposed Rate Adjustment shall become effective on January 2, 2025 for the first billing cycle of January 2025, subject to refund.

Information relative to the filing in this matter, including the date and place of the public hearing, which will be set by order of the Commission, can be obtained from Karen Shook, the Secretary of the APSC, 1000 Center Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201, or on the APSC website, https://apsc.arkansas.gov. Information can also be obtained by email at secofcomm.apsc@arkansas.gov or by phone at 501-682-5782. A copy of the Application, Evaluation Report, and related filing documents will be available on the APSC website on or after the Application filing date and may be obtained by selecting “Online Services,” “Docket Search,” and typing the docket number “16-036-FR” into the text box.

Interventions by interested persons should be filed in compliance with the provisions of the APSC Rules of Practice and Procedure (RPPs), Rule 4.02(a)(1), related to the contents of any petition to intervene, and the Rider FRP Formula Rate Protocols, which can be found in Attachment F to Rate Schedule No. 44, related to filing deadlines.  Petitions to intervene must be filed with the APSC within ten (10) calendar days from the Application filing date unless good cause is shown pursuant to RPP 2.05. Limited Appearances should be filed in compliance with the provisions of RPP 4.02(b) both as to the contents of the verified statement of position and the filing deadline, which is twenty (20) days prior to the date set for the hearing, except for good cause shown. Interested persons also may submit public comments in writing via the APSC website or orally at the hearing pursuant to RPP 4.07.

The APSC will conduct a public hearing on or before November 13, 2024, unless waived by EAL and the other Parties (subject to APSC approval). Following any hearing, EAL anticipates that the APSC will issue a final order in which it resolves any issues in dispute and approves the proposed Revenue Change and Rate Adjustment along with any revisions ordered by the APSC.

Within seven (7) days of filing the Application, EAL will provide updated information regarding the filing on the Company’s website.  For further information regarding this matter, contact the office of the Secretary to the APSC or view the Commission’s website and reference APSC Docket No. 16-036-FR.


Entergy Arkansas, LLC
P.O. Box 551
Little Rock AR, 72203

J. David Palmer
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Kimberly Bennett
Assistant General Counsel