Tony Elmore of T C Farms

Tony Elmore is an Arkansas grower farming in the delta region of northeast Arkansas near Jonesboro. He has been farming rice, beans and corn at T C Farms for more than 30 years. Let’s just say he’s pretty familiar with local irrigation techniques.

Since joining the Entergy Arkansas Agricultural Irrigation Load Control program in 2015, Elmore has received seasonal incentive checks from Entergy for AILC program participation. Additionally, he’s found great benefits in utilizing the personalized AILC farmer portal to turn his wells on and off remotely from his smartphone.  

“I have a relift pump 20 miles away that used to take me an hour round trip to turn on or off,” he said. “Now that I’ve become more familiar with the remote AILC portal, I can send those control signals at any time from any place.”

Elmore appreciates the benefits of remote pump activation to turn off running wells during heavy rains when farm road access can be a challenge. He can also monitor well pump status remotely to ensure proper operation of his wells at any time.  

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