Entergy Arkansas continually evaluates its resource needs to ensure it can provide reliable and reasonably priced electric service to electricity consumers in Arkansas and that includes the evaluation of the needs and drivers of the Happy Valley Transmission Project. Entergy Arkansas, by using its most recent reliability evaluation, factoring in the latest forecast of electrical consumption and other factors, has determined that the transmission project is no longer required at this time to address North American Electric Corporation Reliability Transmission Planning Performance Requirements. Consequently, Entergy Arkansas is discontinuing its efforts to identify potential routes for this project.

Entergy Arkansas will continue to monitor and evaluate its network and will determine projects that will be required in the future to ensure that it is able to continue to provide reliable and reasonably priced electric service to its customers, while also complying with the NERC Transmission Planning Performance Requirements.

If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to contact Bill Newton at bnewton@pinnacleenergyservicesinc.com or (479) 719-4346.