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Conversion Savings Calculator

Conversion Savings Calculator.

Find out how much you can save each year when you go electric.

Compared to diesel-powered pumps, average operating costs for electric irrigation pumps can be significantly less over a cumulative five-year period. Make the switch to electric irrigation pumps and start saving today.

Average Operating Costs: Electric vs. Diesel

5 Year Operating Costs Chart

Figures, cost estimates, and comparisons shown are intended to provide approximate values and are for illustrative purposes only. Specific fuel and electric costs and savings will vary.

Calculate Your Savings Now.

Enter your information in the blank cells or choose an option from each of the dropdown menus.


range: 5-500 feet
range: 1-1000 acres

Diesel Pump

range: $0.50-$5.00/gallon
Cost as a % of total operating cost.

Electric Pump

range: $0.04-$0.14/kWh
Cost as a % of total operating cost.

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